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Welcome to Kaurtan

Kaurtan is a quickly developing publishing and distributing house from India. Our focus is both innovative and dynamic. We incorporate with Professors / Senior Lecturers with years of teaching experience over the Globe. Kaurtan acknowledges the reputation of being one of the speediest Publishers in India

Kaurtan is one of the online exam portals which is first in this field. We provide our students who My Accounted with us a safe platform; to take unlimited online exams every week, to compare their national level rank, to analyze question wise wrong or un attempted , can organize all exams

Our team at Kaurtan is having very experienced software developers, marketers, concept developers. And also; we are very happy to bring new features, simple and student friendly online exam portal in to the market.


On your way to success,By publishing books, we provide best books in the field by experienced teachers across the nation and over the globe.By conducting online exams through this site, we want to reach the students who are unreached with standard question papers prepared by the teachers who produced best rankers over the years.To write Online Exams, one year free subscription to the poor economical background students and minimum Rs 50-00 to the students who can pay. But both will write same exams and can access same features.


To Acquire and maintain nationalleadership in the areas of book publishing and conducting online exams.We want to provide all online exams per Rs 1-00 per each exam in the next coming years. We aim to increase the number of Students who write online exams through our site. To continuously update with changes in the syllabus and examination pattern. Join us to take this forward, because, we believe in “Giving equal opportunities in study to the future builders of this nation “Make others to know about us, because we also believe in “One voice can make all the differences”


IIT JEE council has given the opportunity to seven countries Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka etc. and conducting same exam, provides supernumerary seats to qualified students only. We will try to reach them.

We at Kaurtan track ecah student potential and examine them, push them towards upper levels to perform their best in the upcoming exam. We at Kaurtan not only looks the backages of students, but also help the students and educational institutes to improve and perform beyond the requirement and evalutes the grasping power of each member. We at Kaurtan publish books and also we recently launched the online exam portal. Colleges, universities, teachers, professors, Employees, Partners, Technicians and each & every public who need to improve their qualities can visit us. Students are the one’s for whom requires our services majorly.

We at Kaurtan make you to take the tests in a fast and reliable way. We help you take your test over the interface which is hosted completely online. There is no need to install anything into your PC to take or complete your online test. You can take the test from any place if you have a PC or any electronic device which is connected to the internet. There is no restriction on how many exams you go throgh per a day.